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Older News

Don't try this at home.

Those are the first words out of host Johnny Knoxville's mouth before he's put into a box and tossed down a flight of stairs in the second-season opener of this popular series known for its outrageous stunts. In fact, a stunt from an earlier episode brought the series some dubious publicity recently when a teen was severely injured while trying to imitate the prank. That incident prompted MTV to issue a statement reiterating the series' verbal and written warnings. Other stunts in this installment involve worms, an athletic supporter, snowboarding in San Francisco (with pro Mikey LeBlanc), and a human bull's-eye. Don't ask.

This is from The new season will be starting on Feb. 18 @ 9:00pm.

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Click here to read an article with Ephren in it. You have to scroll down a little to get to his part. The article proves that Ehpren and Dave probably do tape in Portland Oregon.

To see the Newspaper article and the whole story on the guys getting arrested go to here:

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Ok, I've moved all the links and news into here finally.

Johnny is in the movie Coyote Ugly.

Ok, you have all probably heard something about the guys getting arrested. Well, I was told by a really good source that Bran, Bam, Ryan and Johnny were filming on private property and the cops showed up. Instead of letting them go, they arrested them. So, that really sucks, but its all on film!

I just found out that Bam and the gang are in the Nov. Issue of the Transworld Skateboarding magazine. I know its kinda late but I just found it out, so sorry!

Next Week Johnny is going to West Chester and is going to see Bam and the gang.

Well, I e-mailed Brandon DiCamillo and he said that Jackass will be returning to Mtv sometime in February with 16 new episodes so it sucks that we have to wait so long but its ok cause its brand new episodes of JACKASS!!!

What Bam and Ryan did on Thursday night:

The guys were at 15 North (that is a bar out here in West Chester)The bar is two stories and the upper level has a balcony so you can look down to the dance floor. Well Bam and Ryan were standing next to the balcony. Bam punched Ryan in the face and Ryan flipped over the balcony down onto the dance floor (you know how Ryan loves to fall off of stuff) Then the bouncers beat the crap out of them and then threw Ryan out into the street. Ryan has the biggest lump on the right side of his head, and he hurt his pinky from being thrown onto the concrete outside.