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Other Cool Websites

The Jackass Guys Sites and Official Sites

The MTV site for Jackass - Has weekly clips from the show and photo flipbook.

Click here to go to Brandon diCamillo's and Rake Yohn's site.

Click here to go to Ryan Dunn's site

Click here to go to Bam's site.

Fan Sites


Click here to go to a site of a guy who got autographs from all the guys

A cool Jackass Fan Site

Jackass Videos - You can buy Jackass Videos here and other videos like Cky

A new cool Jackass site, Jackass Babe Check it out!

Slash's Den. Has a Jackass section on it

A new site with many things on it, including Jackass.


An article from from Jan. about the 1st incident of the boy lighting himself on fire

Click here to read an article on Jackass

An interview with Steve-O about Jackass


Click here to view a couple of movies that Dave England has made

Click here to see a movie that Dave England made... Very strange indeed, you have to see it

Flying A site with guys doing Jackass related stunts.

A site with Steve-O videos.

Read about how Stephanie Hodges broke her back

A site with people doing stupid shit

Click here to go to the site for the band Cky

A site with some crazy videos.

A site of some guys doing stupid shit

Suckafoos - A cool site you should check out. The Site where you are the Jackass Where you can read the Origin of Chris Pontius

A site for the band Cky

Another site for Cky

A site about with a group of guys doing stupid shit