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Meet Tara Llanes

Welcome to my Jackass fan site! The best show in the world!

Hey,I'm Liz, the maker of the site. It's not the best or anything, but it's just something I put together in my free time. While your here, sign the guestbook!!!!

Jan 1st- Wow..I'm actually updating the site. It's a miracle..or something like that. I'm sorry about taking so long to update it but like the whole month of October, I didn't have internet...so I have an excuse for that, even though I could have done something in November and December but whatever, it's getting done now!

Be sure to check out the the new link I put up, it's for the Winter Olympics

Welcome 2 Jackass - Awesome Site, be sure to go!

June 12th - I've added a new song to the Music section, at the bottom of the list and I have added some new people to the Jackass Fans section.

July 7th - I got a new message board...FINALLY!! Go check it out!


www.expage.com/boarderpage Cool Jackass Site, Be sure to check out!

Some more stupid teens are getting hurt, click here to read

Here is an article I found at eonline.com It's about the kid setting himself on fire and what Lieverman thinks about it

Not again...another kid in CN lit himself on fire. How can people be so god damn stupid, it pisses me off. Click here to read the article.

Everyone be sure to go to this site. It's mainly about Bam but there is info on the other guys to.


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