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Online Journal

Ok, This has nothing to do with Jackass but its my site and I'm bored.

Nov. 22nd
Well Thanksgiving is coming and I'm happy cause I get out of school early tomorow and I get to sleep in! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Well, lets see, what am I grateful for, GREEN DAY AND JACKASS! I'm also soooo happy cause I got my MTV BACK!!!!!

Nov. 21st
Ok, not much has been happening around here. I still can't find that many pics and its pissing me off! If you have any good pics of the guys please please PLEASE send them to me. I'm really pissed. Why? Well, I have town cable and I have Mtv on town cable and lately Mtv would get fuzzy for awhile and I missed Jackass twice cause of it but now the T.V. has stayed fuzzy for 4 days now and I don't know what to do, I'm going insane without my Jackass!!! Oh well, I'll just call the cable comp. and bitch them out.