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Car Crash 1995

September 21, 1995. Ryan Dunn driving. Jess was shotgun, Bam and Raab were in the back. Dumb ass Ryan was going 1,000,000 MPH, lost control, fell into a ditch, launched out of the ditch over a woman's car, over the entire southbound lane of the US 202 Highway, and flipped the car (police said anywhere from 7 to 10 times). The cops found Jess in the trees. Traffic was backed up for 20 miles. The paramedics told the news cameras that the chance of surviving a crash like that is almost unheard of.

The lady they flipped over was sent to the hospital. The sight of the Jetta flying over her car made her have a mental breakdown. Dunn was actually driving about 110 MPH. Jess got thrown out the door and landed in the woods. When the car stopped, Bam thought Jess was under them and thought he was dead so he "beat the fuck out of Dunn." Jess's only injury was a minor broken arm. He had to wear a cast for three weeks. Bam's head breaking the window gave him a concussion.