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JacKass FreaKs Anonymous
Jackass Fans

Meet other Jackass Fans like you

It's time to find out who are fellow Jackass Fans are. This page is dedicated to you, just copy and paste the following in an e-mail and fill it out and send it to me ( and then I'll put it on this page. You don't have to put your e-mail on there if you don't want to.

Why you watch Jackass:
Favorite Jackass and why:
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:

Name: Melissa, "Myssa"
Age: 18
Location: Chicago, IL
Interests: Sleeping, Being with my friends, Causing & Getting in trouble
Why you watch Jackass: For the fun of it. Ive watched it since the first episode, I knew it was going to be a funny show so i tuned in ever since
Favorite Jackass and why: My favorite one is when they go into Eddie's Auto Shop. Its just a classic! Messing around with old people is always fun!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: They are immature and need to learn to read the warning before the show!

Name: Melanie
Age: 17
Location: Los Angeles, California
Interests: Shopping, singing, dancing, music, AOL, hanging out w/ my buds,
sleeping in late, going to the beach, watching TV, guys
Why you watch Jackass: I watch Jackass because it's so damn funny!!! The guys on the show crack me up every time! I've also been watching Jackass since day one and I haven't stopped watching the show ever since. Why wouldn't anyone
like this show? Jackass is the best show on TV. LONG LIVE JACKASS!!!
Favorite Jackass and why: Well, this is a tough one but I'd have to say Eddie's Auto. It was really funny when Dimitry kept on asking for more spark plugs. Like Melissa said, "it's fun messing around with old people."
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think they are immature. Kids should know the difference between TV and reality, and they should have enough common sense, especially 13 year olds, not to set them selves on fire and/or let themselves be run over by cars. These stunts were done by professionals or supervised by professionals. I think kids might need to read the disclaimers more carefully or just plain read them. The statements made in the disclaimers clearly state not to try these stunts at home. And what I want to know is where were the parents of these kids?! These parents have no right to blame Jackass when it was their faults for not supervising their children. The parents are responsible of their actions, as well as, the kids. These kids must have some serious mental problems or they are just plain retarded, stupid, immature, etc. I think you get the point. I hope everyone signs the petitions that are going around to help keep Jackass on the air.

Name: Zak
Age: 16
Location: Southington, OH
Interests: paintball, extreme sports, music, sleeping, eating, and failing in my school works with alittle goofing off at the side....
Why you watch Jackass: I'm just like them looking for a good laugh, and i have nothing else to do....
Favorite Jackass and why: There is two, both on the first episode, the one called "Fat F*cks", and "Safety Product Testing", they are the ones that made me laugh the most and the hardest, the safety products was the funniest to me....
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think that they should be more careful with what there doing and they should just be more thoughtful of the consequences with the stunts, cause even with the warning it won't make people stop, so hopefully they will just be more careful.....

Name: Nicole
Age: 15
Location: Tennessee
Interests: singing, dancing, looking at steve-o in his thong and watching him do all that crazy ****. But, I still love him (not really).
Why you watch Jackass: Because it is so f***ing funny! And steve-o is so hot, but thats not the main reason.
Favorite Jackass and why: When they made that big hole in the yard and bams dad was mowing the yard and he fell in the whole, then they raced and that other dude fell. Steve-o, cuz he does the dumbest stuff, like that "Bobbing for jellyfish" what was the purpose for that? IT wasnt even that funny, but it gets a 100 on my dumb scale.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think if they wanna be dumb then they can do it, I cant stop them, but, they dont need to include the name jackass when they do it because jackass doesn't want them to do it!

Name: Dustin "Dusty"
Age: 19
Location: Houston, Tx
Interests: soccer, sleeping, spending time with my girl
Why you watch Jackass: Because it is the best show on tv. it reminds me of the stuff that i use to do. to bad i was not smart enough to tape the crap we did.
Favorite Jackass and why: any of the ones that Steve-O is in.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: i think that if they are going to do it they need to think of what might happen to them. i have done many of the things that you see on the show, but i have not done anything with fire or flames. why is that? cause i am smart enough to stop and think this could really hurt if i do it wrong so i don't do it.

Name: Jessica
Age: 18
Location: Telford PA an hour away from West Chester
Interests: watching skateboarding, playing volleyball or tennis running, writing and drawing, hanging out with friends
Why you watch Jackass: because its fun and i love the guys in it becuase the do stupid things no regular person would do and thats why its funny in Bam Margeras words himself " everyone wants to watch an idot" Plus Bam Ryan and Brandon came from PA about an hour aways from me showing intresting people do live near me.
Favorite Jackass and why: Bam Margera because one he lives near me. And besides that everyone thought skateboarding was a joke and doubted and dissed him and his dreams. Now he has written a movie script and is getting offers in the millions for it. Who eles do you know has dropped out of high school and gotten money tons of money by doing so? Not many not that I am saying drop out to be a jackass but I am saying its amazing what one person can do when others doubt them. Makes you aware of what ordinary people you never had given a second thought to can really do. He is proving to everyone that he does matter and he is beging a inspiration to millions of jackassess. He rocks he is the one person who is true to who he is and who he wants people to see him as. A true indivual one of my favortie things in a person and thats why I like him so much . Thats why he will always he my favorite and thats why I would love to meet the guy. If I could ever be that lucky. My inspiration my idol always and forever.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Its patictic but not as pathtic as them trying to blame there own actions on the show. Grow up and stop doing what your tv tells you to. Get a clue and enjoy the show with out acting it out and get a freaking life. Stop ruining a good thing for everyone eles.

Location-San Antonio, Tx
Interests-comic books, movies, music, wrestling
Why Slash watches Jackass-Where else can you see people get hurt on purpose and laugh at them?? Nuff said!!
Favorite Jackass and why-Bam kicking his dad's ass all day. If I tried it, I'd get my ass kicked, so see a fantasy come true. Thanks, Bam>
What does Slash think of kids imitating Jackass-Take a look at thw home page. That long ass paragraph on those ky. kids is my whole opinion that I wrote on the matter.

Name: Manny
Age: 18
Location: Miami, FL
Interests: skateboarding, doing stupid stunts just like my heroes on jackass, hanging out with friends and going to concerts, listening to cKy
Why you watch Jackass: because its the best thing that ever came along since women and skateboarding thats why!!!! the show is so freaking funny, everyone should watch it, i have every single episode taped so me and my buds can spend a rainy day indoors cracking up at the stunts these guys perform, JACKASS 4 LIFE!!!!!!
Favorite Jackass and why: if u mean my favorite dude from jackass its ryan dunn, just cuz hes so freaking hardcore and dirty, he doesnt care what he has to do, hes doin it, my favorite episode was the shopping cart skit, cuz it was soo funny and it looks like they had a blast doing it, also the song they put during the skit, 96 bitter beings by cKy, that song went so well with the skit, it was brilliant, an all time classic, i cant believe me and my buds havent tried that one yet, now we actually have plans for this weekend
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: i think its great they're trying to impersonate such great people, but be smart about it, DONT light yourself on fire, thats just retarded!!!!! cmon guys be smart, wear padded clothing if jumping off a roof, wear protective gear if doing stunts on a skateboard, dont staple ur forehead all the way in, stop at the skull!! i learned that from experience, but to all you guys that are keeping the Jackass tradition alive, more power to you and good luck!!

Name: Lynn Panko
Age: 14
Location: Indiana
Interests: Football,Wrestling,Liftingweights,WSkateboarding
Why you watch Jackass: Its dang funny
Favorite Jackass and why: Chris Pontius- why not
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Its stupid if you blame yourself getting hurt on Jackass

Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Location: California
Interests: i don't know
Why you watch Jackass: it's so funny
Favorite Jackass and why: How can I narrow that down?? The yoga episode is hilarious. The Oompa Loompa skateboarder skit made me laugh so hard I was crying. Oompa Loompas are just funny looking. I've only seen two of the dad and baby skits, and they were both hilarious. The fat man chasing wee man was funny. The coffin falling out of the hearse was hilarious. The naked guy popping out of the truck was sooooo funny!!! I could go on and on. I don't have one favorite. I have a collection of them.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think people that imitate Jackass stunts are dim-witted morons. If they're really stupid enough to copy what they see, I hope they get hurt. The world is better off without unintelligent morons. The Jackass crew is getting paid for what they do and they have safety precautions that they've taken, for the dangerous stunts at least. As for the parents of those copycat morons that want the show cancelled because their stupid kid copied it and is now injured: Where the fuck were YOU when your dumb kid did his failed stunt? Isn't it your job as a parent to monitor that idiot kid and to monitor what he's being exposed to? Don't blame a television show for YOUR lack of supervision and non-existent parental guidance. And, to that copycat asshole who lit himself on fire: What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you blind? Did you not see the special suit that Johnny was wearing? Did you think that was just his everyday attire?

Name:alexander cupo
Location:secaucus nj
E-mail: i also love greenday
Interests: video gamemusic heavy metal punk rawk skating
Why you watch Jackass:its funner then tom green plus i am a big fan of johnny knoxville
Favorite Jackass and why: it would have to be bam cus he loves metal and skating like me.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: me and my friends do somethings like jackass. but the name is "smackass" .we dont any thing they do on the show. we make up our own stuff to do. so i say do it but dont blame jackass its your own falt. if u get hurt.

Name: Jenn
Age: 17
Location: Michigan
Interests: the usual, hanging out with friends, going to concerts, playing guitar, eating, sleeping, shopping, basically anything that doesn't involve thinking, and most of all, watching Jackass.
Why you watch Jackass: I think the show is the shit! It's great because these guys have the balls to do what most people want to do, but can't. They are just having fun. Plus Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera are GODS. They are so hot!!
Favorite Jackass and why: I would have to say the first few shows were the best. Especially the ones with Johnny and Bam. Its hard to decide.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think that they are stupid and they got what they deserved. And they should stop blaming Jackass. It was your own damn fault.

Name: Jess
Age: 15
Location: Wheeling, WV
Interests: Listening to HIM, CKy, STP, Cousin Kevin, Incubus, Lifehouse, and other rock bands, watching Jackass, running websites
Why you watch Jackass: The shear genius of the comedy of Brandon DiCamillo and Chris Pontius
Favorite Jackass and why: Brandon DiCamillo and Chris Pontius. Bran because he's such an awesome person to talk to and is sooo hilarious, and Pontius because, well, who else could ever be like Party Boy?!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Very stupid. The warning talks about the stunts being performed by professionals and/or total idiots. People just need to grow up and realize that they won't watch their home videos and they are the reason that Jackass might be in its final season. They're not helping the show, they're destroying it.

Name: Ryan
Age: 15
Location: Goshen, IN
Interests: Skateboarding, Motocross
Why you watch Jackass: It is the funniest show on the TV now days...All the other shows that are on are all the same crap. Jackass makes me bust up so much every Sunday night. I haven't missed a single episode yet!
Favorite Jackass and why: The best one would probably be the very first episode. I loved the shopping cart crashes.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think they are really dumb. They are just blaming Jackass because they have no one else to blame. They don't want to look stupid saying i was just doing it so they blame it on Jackass. It really pisses me off. And I hope Jackass doesn't get cancelled because of the dumb idiots who try and copy you guys.

Name: Robbie
Age: 15
Location: Canal Winchester, Ohio
Interests: skateboarding,football,hockey.
Why you watch Jackass: Its fucken funny and Bam "THE MAN" is on it.
Favorite Jackass and why: The one where they dug the big ass hole in the ground, and Bam's dad went over it with the lawn mower.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think it's O.K. as long as people don't do anything stupid.

Name: Jennifer
Age: 17
Location:Washington, USA
Interests: KoRn and Jackass, music mainly
Why you watch Jackass: because I'm in love with Johnny Knoxville and Bam and I enjoy it so much that I have recorded every episode!
Favorite Jackass and why: Johnny, Bam, & Steve-O, Although Steve-O doesn't get enough spotlight but it's all kool, Johnny is soooooo hot want to touch the hiny and Bam too they crack me up and thats why I like them so much, I would love to just hang out with them!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:Because they think it would be fun and don't realize the consiquences but they need to and leave the stunt too the professionals.

Name: Stacie
Age: 14
Lotcation: Crystal Lake, IL
E-mail: faerygurl87@aol
Interests: sleeping, watching jackass, sports, meeting new ppl on the internet and in real life, reading, trying to find the right man, hanging out with my friends
Why i watch Jackass: i think it's funny as hell and Johnny Knoxville is hot!! Johnny if you are reading this...I LOVE YOU MAN!! keep up the good work and keep being a Jackass!!
Favorite Jackass and Why: Johnny Knoxville cuz he's hot and kind and sweet,and Steve-O cuz he pierced his ass-cheeks together and that takes guts
What i think of people imitating Jackass: i think THEY are the real jackasses

Name: Greg Costanzo
Age: 13
Location: New York
Interests: BMX, Skateboarding, Quads, Dirt Bikes, Jackass
Why you watch Jackass: Because the show is God. The only reason why I get out of my bed is to watch the show
Favorite Jackass and why: LOVE THEM ALL
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think that it is OK for people to do it but the stupid kids that light them selves on fire I mean this annoys me what the f*ck were you thinking Knoxville was wearing like 5 inches of flame proof stuff on plus he had professionals around. There is at least 2 things on the news every month about stupid fucking kids nearly killing them selves with fire because of Jackass if these keeps happening Jack ass definitely wont be back next season. STUPID F*CKING KIDS

Name: Kristen Pichette a.k.a (J.Lo, Big K, Pinchette,KP, Sista Pichette)
Age: 17
Location: Maine
Interests: wacthing Jackass, listening to Jennifer Lopez's CD's, partying, going to the beach and flashing strangers, using guys as eye candy
Why you watch Jackass: Cuse Johnny Knoxville is so hot!!!! I have a huge poste of you in my rrom hanging above my bed, and pins on my bag of you!!!!!!!!
Favorite Jackass and why: When Chris(a.ka Party Boy and Bunny the Life Gaurd) was chased by the dog, while he was in that bunny suit!!! I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants!!!!!!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think you are retarded if you cope them. My brother and his friends don't copy the show and they hurt themselves just doing retarded stff, just listen they don't show the actual hurt and pain. Theses stunts half to hurt like a bitch. Leave to Knoxville and his crew!!!!

Name: Alex
Age: 16
Location: Lakewood, OH
Interests: Skateboarding, BMXing, Moto-cross, and Singing.
Why you watch Jackass: Cause it's a great show and it's fun watching them do crazy stuff.
Favorite Jackass and why: I like Bam kicking the shit out of his dad... That was funny as hell. i also like where the dad left the "baby" on top of the car.. that was pretty great.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think all these people who are like they are immature are pretty dumb.. because some people out here (like me and my friends) have been doing this crap for years now.. if your gonna call us immature then you might as well call the people on jackass immature..

Name: Ferry
Age: 17
Location: Hilversum, the Netherlands
Interests: tv, soccer, beer
Why you watch Jackass: it's hilarious
Favorite Jackass and why: they all make my laugh
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: because there idiots and they don't think.

Name: ella
Age: 16
Location: Syracuse, NY
Interests: bam, sleeping, Bam, hangin with my budz, bam, music.... and, uh.... bam
Why you watch Jackass: well there's the obvious... Bam... but it's hilarious. And for no apprarent reason too...
Favorite Jackass and why: definitely the one with Antiquing and the Meter Fairy
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: it's retarded. CAN YOU PPL NOT READ?! i says don't try it at home and they do anywayz.... thats what we call grade A morons!! it makes me mad so let me shut up.

Name: Cecilia bergman
Age: 18
Location: Sweden
Interests: Jackass, Friends, music, drama
Why you watch Jackass: Sexy guys *specially Johnny* Itīs fun to se when they dive in poo and get hurt.
Favorite Jackass and why: Johnny Knoxville, he is the sexiest, funniest. He does the best stuff. *love poo cocktail*
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: FUNNY!!!

Name: Trent Nashville (Knoxville Nashville get it?)
Age: 15
Location: Nicholasville,Kentucky
Interests: Jackass, wrestling, video games, girls, and
surfing the net
Why you watch Jackass: It's a good way to start off your week, and it makes me laugh my ass off!
Favorite Jackass and why: Bam and Steve-O. Bam does cool stunts and Steve-O is just a dumbass!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:If you
are going to do it, don't tell your parents or the doctors that you got hurt playing Jackass. Don't ruin it for the rest of us!

Name: Ashley Loeffelholz
Age: 14
Location: New Glarus, Wisconsin
Interests: sports, Jackass, Bam Margera!!
Why you watch Jackass: They're funny and alot of them are hotties!! Espessially Bam.
Favorite Jackass and why: Bam because he is a good skater, funny, and hot
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think they should just leave it to the professionals. Alot of them get hurt and then Jackass gets blamed and they give it a bad reapuation and people go against it. They're gonna get it ruined for everyone else. So they should just stop!!!

Name: Roland
Age: 16
Location: San Antonio,TX
Interests: Football, video games
Why you watch Jackass: It is the best show on t.v. followed by Crocodile Hunter
Favorite Jackass and why: The one where they made a hole in Bam's backyard and got Phil to fall in it when he was cutting the grass. Then Bam got Ryan to fall in the hole while racing Phil
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I think
that they are morons.

Name: stacy
Age: 15
Location: huntersville,nc
Interests: jackass, music, friends, boys, pranks, concerts
Why you watch Jackass: because it funny. and its reaaly cool that they made a job outta somethin they like. and it pisses my my parents off.
Favorite Jackass and why: bam because he's really cool and talented. he's also funny as hell.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: because they want a reason to act stupid and this way if they get hurt they have somethin to blame it on

Name: Paul
Age: 16
Location: Findlay Ohio
Interests: Watchin Jackass and CKY videos, collecting jackass stuff, heavy metal music, driving around,paintball, ect...
Why you watch Jackass: It's the most funniest shit I have ever seen
Favorite Jackass and why: The first one all the way
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Well I do it, but I have common sense about it, i don't do anything that will hurt me really bad

Name: Vivian a.k.a. bitchsmack

Age: 14
Location: miami, fl
Interests: afi, misfits, danzig, godsmack, bush, hole, no doubt, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, the doors, rancid
Why you watch Jackass: cos Steve-O's a hottie;)
Favorite Jackass and why: the one where Bam gets the whole heavy metal thing going in the middle of the night cos... um... it was cool
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: I don't care about all that that much. If they want to do it, then let 'em. They shouldn't blame the show for the people's idiotic decisions. BTW~ I love Steve-O!!! Hehe.

Name: Katy
Age: 15
Location: Campbell County, Kentucky
Interests: Sports, Skateboarding, Guys, Music
Why you watch Jackass: Johnny's hott! And it's hella funny!!!
Favorite Jackass and why: Everytime Bam beats the shit outta his dad! That shit is hillarous! Cuz his dad sits there and takes it for the most part!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Well..don't do the stupid shit that will get you hurt! Go ahead and beat ur dad up, or go ahead and have a Sperm A Thon! Juss don't hurt urself doing something PROFESSIONALS are doing!

Age: 16
Location: Chicago, IM: vjkaos182
Interests:Skating, jackass, slaking off, goofing around
Why you watch Jackass:It F*cking hilarious, they are cool guys, I met some of those guys and they are a really really cool bunch of guys, so dont ever say they are jerks!
Favorite Jackass and why: Bam b/c hes an awesome skater, chris b/c hes really nice, and johnny b/c he's hott and hilarious!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:They are stupid F*#ks b/c they are gonna get the show cancelled and ruin it for the rest of us who arent stupid!

Name:Jon Bond
Age: 17
Location: Dresher, PA
Interests: hockey, lacrosse, filming jackass, sleeping.
Why you watch Jackass: Because it FUKIN FUNNY
Favorite Jackass and why: In CKY when Brandon went
thru a mcdonalds drivethrough and asked for tender loins
what do you think of people imitating Jackass:I do it
myself. As long as your not a complete idiot and setting yourself on fire or htting yourself with a car its acually really fun. The best thnig to do is to fuck with other people.

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 11:13:57 PDT [Show full headers]
From: "jim adams" <> [Add to Address Book]
Subject: jackass

Name-Jim (Fat bobb)
Interests- Hanging with friends, listening to music, girls, whatching t.v.
Why do you watch Jackass- Because I respect them guys for what they do, some people say you can't respect them but by god me and my friends do. Plus The Show is FUNNY AS HELL!!
What do you think of people imitating Jackass- Well me and my friends have been imitating it for awhile except we have original stuff, we don't copy everything from jackass, and we know our limitations, I mean without limitations we would probably all be dead!!but right now we're just having fun. The name of our show is called DUmBAss, we are working on a website right now for it, and on the website we will have it where if your interested you can buy the shows, and if you're close to us you might even be on the show,if you're the least bit interested email me my address is at the top, but i will keep u updated on that but as for now I'm out like a fat kid playing dodge ball, Later.

Name: Jessica
Age: 13
Location: NJ
Interests: Skateboarding,watchin jackass and the tom green show. sleeping.
listening to punk music such as my fave. band Greenday!hehe
Why you watch Jackass: Cause the first time i watched it i was like this is funny as hell!! So i started taping it and i have every episode taped so far!!
Favorite Jackass and why: Johnny Coxville-cause its so funny!! and i have more but i can't think of them.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:They are trying to act funny and they are trying to act cool and they think alot of the people on Jackassare gonna be like happy and proud cause they're doing the same thing but they don't realize they can get hurt very badly and thats why on Jackass they put the warning to try to eliminate people trying to copy them because they don't want those teenagers/(or anybody) to get hurt as they do in the show. (sorry that was long but sometimes i get carried away! lol)

Name: Sal
Age: 13
Location: SF, CA
Interests: Skateboarding, getting kicked in the nuts
Why you watch Jackass: Its funny and is a good influence toward me and my friends
Favorite Jackass and why: When Bam Margera dug a hole and when his dad ran over it with the lawn mower and fell hella far and flicked Bam off afterwards.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:Rock on!

Name: Katie Avalanche
Age: 16
Location: NY suburbs
Interests: Playing guitar, music, dance, theatre, zines (email me if you'd like to order mine, there's a Jackass article in the coming issue)
Why you watch Jackass: It's a release, it's fucking hysterical, it's got some of the best looking men on that show that I've ever seen in my life, and the guys remind me of me and my family (we're fucking up.... in a good way!)
Favorite Jackass and why: Hmm, that's tough because I like all of them so much and they all have so much charm. The best of all time has gotta be the shopping carts. I don't know why it made me laugh so much, it was the combo of the music, the visuals, and all the anger. A favorite is definatly the first time Bam beats up his dad. I almost pissed my pants with that one.But the first one ever, the self defense video, I saw it and knew there weremore people in the world like me. It's a total classic. Steve-O humping the sharks is up there too.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: Seeing as how I was part of a student news cast on Jackass and I recreated the shopping carts skit, I don't it's a completely horrible thing. I was protected. I came out of there with only minor bruises and cuts (I had a giant black bruise on the side of my left breast which they used in the broadcast as well...heehee). I had fun. Little kids shouldn't even be watching the damn show! Honestly, that's parental neglect.

Age: 16

Name: Nikki
Age: 21
Location: Salisbury,NC
Why you watch Jackass: I Love jackass. I've been watching it since the begining. It's about the funniest s**t I've seen in a long time. Steve-O is so hot-how can I not watch?
Favorite Jackass and why: Knoxville being turned upside down in the john. Who else would do stuff like that?? They're all my favories.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: They're stupid and just trying to imitate the pros.

Name:Luke "Dude"
Interests:racing, and stuff
Why you watch Jackass:B/C its funny as hell
Favorite Jackass and why:There all fav.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass:DuMBaSS ROCKS!!!!! Check out Dumbass soon. The tape is not quite done but when it is we will open up a website and we will prolly sell it off the website. If u want info on the tape please E-Mail me with your name and what u want to know. THANKS

Name: michelle
Age: 16
Location: ohio
Interests: i like music, piercings, tatoos, tv, and computers
Why you watch Jackass: i love is so funny
Favorite Jackass and why: i like the one where bam and chris and raab dig the hole for his dad to fall into. but that wasn't the funniest part to me. i love when ryan dunn falls in. i can watch that over and over.
What do you think of people imitating Jackass: i hate em...they are gunna make the show be stopped and ruin it for all the people who enjoy it