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The Guys

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: His real name is P.J. Clapp.
He has a 4 year old daughter named Madison and a wife named Melanie.

DAVE ENGLAND:(he gave me this to put on here, do not ask me for his contact info cause I won't give it to you)born 12/30/69, old, married to Joanna who is pregnant with my child due in July. A girl and we're going to call her Liz. Just kidding- Ruby. I live in Portland, Oregon. I skate, snowboard and molest my cats. I am losing some hair but not as much as Dimitry or Brandon. I make stop motion movies under the name dry hump studios and rot in heck films

BAM C. MARGERA: Was born 9/28/79.
His real name is Brandon.
He is a pro skater and used to skate for Toy Machine but left them and now is skating for Element. He is sponsored by Element, Electric, Spitfire, Volcom and Adio.Favorite bands are Depeche Mode, Cky, Atrocity and Anethema. He has been skateboarding since 1988.
Interests are skateboarding and filming.
He has a gf named Jen and they have been together for awhile.
He drives a bright blue 2000 Audi.

JESS MARGERA: He is Bam Margeras brother.
His interests are playing live, skating, movies, and beating up Bam.
He is the drummer for the band Cky. Has been playing drums since 1991.
Favorite Film is Amazon Women on the Moon.
He has a pet cat that he has had for 13 years and it still doesn't have a name.

BRANDON RALPH DICAMILLO- He is 25 and is starting to lose his hair. (Sorry Bran!) His b-day is in January.
Interests are filming, "making shit", G.I. Joe, He-Man,innventing things, streetfighters, transformers.
Fav horror movie is To all a Good Night and fav action movie is Chinese Connection.
He hates school teachers.
He likes the Calgary Flames Hockey team and Mortal Kombat. He has a gf named Heather.

RYAN DUNN- I heard he has a gf but I'm not quite clear on that.
His hobbies are sleeping and eating.

CHRIS RAAB- He got a dislocated shoulder from the Shopping Cart skit.
Born 5/21/?
He likes Pearl Jam and Phish.
Some movies he likes are Friday and Good Will Hunting.
He goes by the name Raab Himself.

CHRIS PONTIUS - He lives San Luis Obispo, California

KNATE - He is Johnny's cousin and video tapes alot.

STEVE-O - His real name is Steve Glover.
He lives in Florida and used to be a clown for the Ringlings Brothers Circus.

WEE-MAN - His real name is Jason Acuna. He lives in Hunnington Beach, California. He is pro skater and he skates for Dog Town Skateboards and Kreepar Trucks. - Thanks to Noah Manion for some of the info.